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A Gardener’s Winter Project

14 Dec

Are you wondering what to do in your yard this winter besides shovel snow?  This creative gardener decided to entertain us all!  What will you do to spruce up your yard this winter?


Top 5 Reasons to Buy a Fresh Christmas Tree

10 Dec

Acer Garden Centre is in full swing for Christmas.  Holiday urns are rushing out the doors to grace home entrances all over Ancaster.  Only two weeks left until Christmas! What has been holding you back from buying your fresh tree?

Top reasons to get a fresh tree this year:

  1. A fresh tree has that lovely pine smell to remind us Christmas is here.  An artificial tree can not duplicate it, unless you hang dozens of those “pine fresh” car fresheners on it!
  2. While a fresh tree is growing it fills the air with oxygen, an artificial tree in production lets off carcinogens and lead into the environment.
  3. A fresh tree may be recycled into mulch.  A fake tree takes up lots of space in the landfill.
  4. Over 98% of Canadian Christmas trees come from Christmas tree farms – they are actually sustaining the environment, not depleting forests.
  5. Taking the family to choose the perfect Christmas tree will create holiday memories that will last a life time!

Visit Acer Garden Centre this weekend and pick up your fresh tree and make some new holiday memories this year.  We can’t wait to help you find the right one for your family!

Protect Your Evergreens

6 Dec

High winds and heavy snow can damage your evergreens.  Don’t take chances with winter this year.  Take a look at this informative video for more tips on how to give your evergreens the best chance for survival this winter using twine and burlap.

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