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Get Ready for Spring

30 Mar

Beryl Harris shares her spring gardening tips with the Master Gardeners of Ontario.

The first day of spring is now passed – the sun is bright and warm(ish). We are all desperate to get out into the garden and start gardening but let’s take a look at a few steps that will make our lives easier.

We take our wonderful tools for granted ‐ our pruners, clippers, loppers, hoes and rakes. If they have dirty blades and dull edges, we negate their usefulness and make things a little more difficult for ourselves. Starting with a damp cloth, wipe off any dirt that you forgot last year. Sand off any rust spots with either sandpaper or steel wool. Wipe the blades with a soft oil‐soaked cloth. Any oil will do. Linseed oil makes wooden handles look like new. Tighten any bolts and screws that are loose and sharpen anything that needs it…

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Acer’s Your Source for Firewood Year Round

9 Mar

Warming up near a crackling wood stove is one of my favourite activities during the winter.  There is something about the crackling fire and the smoky smell that brings back memories of my childhood.  Did you know Acer Garden Center carries firewood year round? Acer has dried hardwood that will burn longer and produce a hotter flame giving you a nice and toasty fire for your wood burning stove, fireplace or campfire.  At competitive prices you can purchase any amount of firewood you need.  Delivery is available for a fee.


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