Treating for Grubs and Japanese Beetles

26 Jun
Grubs and Japanese Beetles are hard at work in your garden.  Don’t fret!  Nematodes work to control these pests which eat your grass and later the leaves off your trees.  As cold weather approaches, these grub become inactive and spend the winter in the soil.  Nematodes are microscopic parasitic roundworms that transport and feed on bacteria. When they find a grub, the nematodes penetrate the larva and inoculate it with bacteria which quickly multiply within the grub’s body. The nematode then feeds on the bacteria.
This product will be very effective in controlling White Grubs and Japanese Beetles if used at the right time.  For best results apply twice a year, spring and late summer or early fall. Temperature of soil should be no colder than 15C degrees. The main insect to control is the white grub who will hatch in summer and feed on grass roots through fall.  Easy to apply, just mix with water (spray or container) and apply.  Store package at a cool temperature and use before the expiry date.  Each package contains 50 million, enough to cover 2500 sq. ft. This product is not a pesticide and is safe around people, plants, and pets. It is also harmless to beneficial insects.   For more information, please contact us.

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