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Behold The Magic Beads!

23 Jul

Magic Beads have taken over the garden centre!  When soaked in water overnight they magically expand, absorbing all the water.  They can be used in flower vases with your favorite cut flowers or any plant with roots that can stand to be kept moist.  These will not have to be watered for 1-2 weeks and won’t dry out. They come in 11 different colours that add visual interest to any vase. We also have lighted bases that these vases can stand on and illuminate the beads.  It looks beautiful as a wedding table centre piece or accent to any home.

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Stock Up On Firewood at Acer

14 Jul

Warming up near a crackling wood stove is one of my favourite activities during the winter.  There is something about the crackling fire and the smoky smell that brings back memories of my childhood.  Did you know Acer Garden Center carries firewood year round? Acer has dried hardwood that will burn longer and produce a hotter flame giving you a nice and toasty fire for your wood burning stove, fireplace, or campfire.  At competitive prices you can purchase any amount of firewood you need.  Delivery is available for a fee.

Acer Delivery Services

5 Jul Photo By Kristina Milinaric

The garden center is bustling at Acer and shipments of trees, shrubs, perennials, and annuals have been arriving daily.  Not only can you find what you’re looking for at Acer – we also deliver!  Acer has delivery services available at a fee of $50 per order.  Orders of $300 or more receive FREE delivery.  Get your orders in today!

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