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Centre Pieces and Flower Arrangements

14 Aug

Acer Garden Centre creates centre pieces and flower arrangements for wedding, banquets, and other events.  They also rent out potted trees for decorating venues.  We can create custom flower arrangements and deliver them to your special event, ensuring you will enjoy them on your important day.  Acer also carries the supplies you need to create your own centre pieces, such as: moss, magic beads, flowers, pine cones, etc.

You don’t need to host a special event to enjoy our flowers.  Acer also creates custom flower arrangements and delivers them fresh weekly to offices in the Ancaster area.  Our arrangements make a beautiful statement and create a welcoming environment.  Contact Acer for pricing.


Lawn Care System

8 Aug Turf Care

Do you want thicker, greener grass naturally?  Then use Myke Turf Lawn Care system found at Acer Garden Centre.  Myke is made of Myorrhizae which enhances the root system of your lawn, allowing the grass to take up more water and nutrients, resulting in a thicker, greener lawn.  It also reduces the need for watering your lawn by 30%.  If you let your lawn grow to be 3 to 3.5 inches long it will naturally crowd out the weeds.  It is safe to use on sod and with seed.  Use Myke Turf Lawn Care in conjunction with Spring aerating and really see your lawn thrive.  Visit Acer for more details on how your lawn can be the talk of the neighbourhood this year.

Bring on the Myke!

2 Aug

Spring is just around the corner and it’s time to start thinking about what plants you are going to grow in your garden this year.  We just had a customer come in looking to get their hands on some Myke!  That’s right, Myke is the product his dad used last year to make his garden flourish, and this year the competition is on.  He is determined to have a bigger and better garden and Myke is the right product for the job.  Myke is an all natural product, especially formulated for each step of indoor and outdoor growing.

You can count on Myke to:

  • Enhance growth and assist in the rapid development of roots and plants
  • Reduce transplant shock, increasing plant survival
  • Increase resistance to water stress and root diseases
Acer Garden Centre just got in a new shipment of seeds that are eager to bring on the Myke and show up your neighbours’ gardens.  Come in and ask us how Myke can assist in your winning gardening this year.
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