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Bird Feeders, Baths, and Houses

9 Feb

Keep your feathered friends well fed and happy with a bird feeder from Acer Garden Center. We carry a huge selection of bird feeders to cater to every avian need from the smallest hummingbirds to the largest back yard seed hunters!

We also stock bird seeds and treats squirrel baffles, bird baths and bat houses. If it flies, we have the feeding station for it.


Make Your Garden Thrive

7 Feb

Make your garden thrive with products from Acer Garden Center. We carry a huge selection of organic fertilizers, plant products, pest control, soils, mulches and specialty care items. Come see them in our showroom and if you have a question about anything garden, tree or shrub related, ask our expert staff.





Garden Tools

5 Feb

Get a jump on spring after a hard, long winter with quality garden equipment. At Acer Garden Center,we sell high quality garden tools and impliments at the best prices in town. See them in our showroom today. gardening-tools-1478547_960_720

Valentines Special

1 Feb
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